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Besides the small expedition vessels and river cruises, the other half of my business is the luxury and ultra-luxury lines all over the world. These are larger than the expedition boats but way smaller than the megaships, most in the range of 200-1000 guests. These ships are built and designed for luxury: everything from soft-close drawers in your walk-in closet to the choice of several fine-dining restaurants, large balconies where you can privately view exotic cities to  spectacular wilderness (glaciers, waterfalls, jungles, deserts), or attend talks given by world-class lecturers. And SO much more! The surprising part to many is that these luxury cruises can be LESS expensive than the smaller expedition vessels (for many reasons).

Silversea is probably my favorite, maybe because they have both Classic cruises and a division of incredibly luxurious expedition vessels. Their new vessel in the Galapagos is in a class by itself.

These luxury lines became popular because of the all-inclusiveness: there is no nickle and diming or surprise costs onboard- everything is included from food, drinks, entertainment, and tips, to shore excursions and airfare (with some exceptions).

If you would like information on these, let me know where in the world you would like to cruise. Because of the volume we do with these lines, I get some very good prices with extra amenities (like shipboard credits) on many sailings.


I hope to update this page soon with lots more information as this is a very popular way to travel if you want a small ship but are not quite the adventurous expedition-type. Or even if you are!

"Silversea Muse was a fantastic ship. It was upscale, clean and beautiful. The artwork was a treat to see. The staff were friendly and especially attentive to our needs. Our butler even made a special birthday display including desert for my wife one evening. 


The food was fantastic. We ate in all restaurants for dinner except for Kaiseki. We enjoyed Kaiseki for lunch a couple of days. We chose to eat all of our meals on the ship since the food was soooo good. We really loved Silversea and chose to put down an early deposit for a future cruise and grab the discounts plus our 15% credit for a cruise in 2021. Again, thanks for everything you did to make this trip so memorable. Just wow!!"

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