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Great Questions for Planning Your Alaska Trip

How Alaska & Beyond Can Help You


By the time people call, they may have read guidebooks, been to countless websites, ordered brochures (and now have a full maibox every day!), talked to friends, and may be more confused than ever about what to see and do! Here are some common questions/comments to ask yourself or me to get started: (answers not provided because they're different for everyone!)


  • When is the best time to go to Alaska?

  • Should I take a small ship or larger ship?

  • Won’t I get bored or seasick?

  • How do I pick a cabin- inside/outside/balcony/suite?

  • We want to take our whole family- are there family cabins? Are there Family Cruises?

  • Isn’t it better to book directly with the cruise line or online?

  • Just book me the $799 cruise- what difference does it make?

  • My friends recommend Regent which includes everything- air, drinks, tips, and shore excursions. We usually get a balcony suite on Holland America- which is the best deal?

  • We really like how the small ships focus on wildlife and scenery with casual dress, but they are more expensive. Why, and is it worth it?

  • The deckplans confuse us-how do we pick a cabin or does it really matter?

  • If we wait til the last minute, they’ll have specials.

  • I’m single - are there cabins for singles?

  • We're planning a family reunion with ages from 3-93; what’s the best trip for everyone?

  • We want to take a train to Alaska

  • We wanted the 14-day small ship, but it’s sold out 8 months out! What other similar options do you suggest?

  • What is a cruisetour and is this something we want?

  • We want to see Denali/Mt McKinley but our friends said it was so crowded.

  • It’s important to see wildlife: whales, moose, bear, etc.


I have helped people plan their Alaska trips for many years. BTW, the answers to the above questions, in general, are different for everyone, and are excellent starting points when you contact me.




Most people have been dreaming of and saving for this trip for quite awhile, and it is usually a one-time adventure. Alaska is usually more expensive than other destinations for several reasons:


  • Distances between the destinations and landscapes in Alaska are great requiring several modes of transportation (the state is 1/5th the size of the entire lower 48!)

  • Very short season (May-September) when they bring in almost all of their income

  • Demand is higher than ever (what recession?). In 2019 several companies are bringing their ships to Alaska for the first time; the popularity of Alaska now is unprecedented. (And why I stick with the smaller ships away from the crowds).


My goal is to help you maximize your time and budget allotment, without compromising your Alaska experience.

Why book with Alaska and Beyond?

Anybody can take your money and book a trip, but I take your trip very seriously. I want to get to know you during the planning process, so that I can customize your Alaska experience to you and your family. (“Custom”  only sounds expensive; in many cases, a custom tour where we put together the components can be less costly.)


Although the web is a great source of information, I believe planning an Alaska trip (a major expenditure) should be done person-to-person, not by clicking a few links and inserting your credit card. Allow my experience and relationships with suppliers in Alaska to exceed your expectations and save you time and money by appropriately matching you with the right trips. Plus, all suppliers build a percentage into their rates for agents, so you've already paid for my services- use it!


I want you to fall in love with Alaska just as much as I have (if that’s possible!). I don’t just give you a confirmation number and send you on your way; you will leave with lots of information about your itinerary.


How do we start?

Email or phone work well to get started. I also meet with locals with brochures and maps, but most of my clients are out of the area- we do very well by telephone and email.


I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your family for an exciting Alaska journey! Start planning today since some of the best trips/cabins sell out months in advance.


Contact me by email          231-753-8530 (call or text)




Alaska cruise & tour specialists
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