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Comments from my customers:

Hi Patty,

Yes, it was a fantastic trip - better than we had hoped.  And in spite of all the rain gear we had packed, not a single drop of rain fell during the week ( the lecturer on the ship had traveled on the Silver Muse the week before and said it had rained everyday - and they never got to see the Hubbard Glacier).  So we were very fortunate and enjoyed every moment of the magnificent state of Alaska.


Thank you so much for all of your arrangements - everything went exactly as planned.  From the Pacific Club at the Pan Pacific Hotel to the train ride through the mountains to Anchorage we encountered no difficulties.  And thank you also for the ship credit (we used most of it) and especially for the VIP treatment.  We loved it all. We didn't plan on booking another cruise onboard but this one next year checked all the boxes.  The Singers

Hi Patty - I want to send you a quick thank you for organizing a wonderful journey for us. Everything was perfect (except for that hotel in Anchorage which is rather sad.). The tour to Seward you booked was fantastic and the ship [Silversea Muse]— what can I say?  We’re sold on that beautiful line. Every excursion was fantastic— a special thanks for steering us to the Speer Gallery in Juneau— what a treasure trove! 

I’ll give you a fuller report upon our return from the Rockies! Marlena Christensen, NJ



Our trip was unbelievable! Far more than anyone (and us) on board expected.  Getting there was not fun but tolerable. TSA was actually very nice in Spokane when we left. Leaving Ketchikan was a different story.  I had to go through the whole thing due to my knee replacement sending off the alarm. Oh well.


First day out we went to Dawes Glacier. Briefly, we were the skiff closest to the glacier when half of the glacier fell off.  The roar was deafening and sent a giant wave out. Our guides could not get us away from that but were in no real danger. Another skiff had to help clear a path out. The guides had never seen such a dramatic event.


Next day we went to Robert and Crow islands; kayaking, skiff, etc and then over to Five Fingers.  I had spotted our first whale sighing earlier and had become known as the “whale whisperer” .   I spotted small group of whales and pointed it out to the crew.  We went to check them.  Amazing! We ended up being surrounded by more whales than could be counted.  Again, captain and crew had never seen so many.  Three times one came alongside the boat, Gail looked at all three eyeball to eyeball.  By then all on the boat were overwhelmed by what we witnessed.


Next day, while kayaking I spotted a few sea otters,  going over to a kelp bed we found a “raft” of them, 100 plus. Incredible!


The captain told us he has never had a trip like ours before and it would be a tough one to repeat.


You made this trip come together for us far beyond what we could have hoped for.  The only downside is that one person brought a “bug” on board. Half the people were sick by the end of it. It hit Gail and I the day we got home.  Nasty cold.


Made some good friends from around the world.  Definitely a trip of a lifetime!!!!!  Way over the top!!!


If you ever want a reference, send it my way. 

Thank you!

Greg H; Montana

PS Another big plus for me was in the early morning hours I would go up to the pilot house (bridge) and visit with the captain, first/second mates. Navigational equipment has sure changed.  Back when, we used a compass, today they don’t even look at it.  For me personally, this was far more than a “cruise”.  When they learned of my past in S.E. they went the extra mile to make this trip memorable…in spades.  Truthfully, words are not adequate to describe the trip.  One must experience it to understand. 

Patty-So, the cruise.  [Antarctica onboard MS Hondius] I don't have any complaints at all (I know you are shocked/relieved).  It was a nice, new ship.  The cabin was good sized.  The bathroom and shower were the biggest I've seen on a ship.  The staff were enthusiastic, knowledgable, and informal, but they left you alone unless you wanted to engage.  The food was consistently very good, and varied.  The excursions were well organized and well executed.  Due to weather and wind, they completely threw out the planned schedule, but made appropriate substitutes.  We brought our booze on board, and no one hassled us when we had our afternoon cocktails in our cabin.

Crystal only went out twice, but that was enough for her, and she enjoyed the sights from the cabin and the bridge, and she read a lot of books.  I went out maybe 60% of the time, towards the end opting not to because it became clear that it was just going to be more penguins and more slogging through deep, wet snow, so I enjoyed taking photos from the ship, and not having to deal with struggling in and out of all the gear.


We did see whales, many, many penguins, other sea birds, and glaciers.  We wore the sea sick patches AND took Dramamine, which meant we napped maybe more than expected, but neither one of us ever got sick or even queezy.   The return crossing of the Drake Passage was epic, epic waves, and the ship really pitched and rolled non-stop for at least 30 hours.  It was a struggle just to get out of bed and successfully navigate to the bathroom, but again neither of us got sick.  The first attached photo is of the barf bags they had placed absolutely everywhere, and we noticed on the Drake days significantly fewer people at meals.


My Mother's spirit was on my shoulder, and it was the trip I wanted.  Once is enough (unlike Alaska -- I will do that again), but all in all very glad I went. John S, Switzerland

Hi Patty-

Our trip was everything we had hoped for and more.  We enjoyed every aspect, and it will remain a very special memory for us.  Thank you so much for all your suggestions, which were spot on, and your hard work.  

Seattle was grey, a little wet, but we had a great time.  The locks tour was perfect, and the market was fun.  The Maxwell was fun and we found some fantastic restaurants nearby.  Mt. Ranier--we went but never saw the mountain---grey n wet day.  But, what we did see was beautiful.

Juneau---we had perfect weather for almost the entire time we were in Alaska; you were right about May. Only the last day or two did we have some clouds.  Taku Lodge was breathtaking.  The helicopter ride to Herbert Glacier was definitely one of my favorite parts of the trip.

Uncruise was the perfect cruise for us.  The crew was great.  The boat was great.  Food and drinks were excellent.  The itinerary was active and the scenery---well you know how special Alaska is. 

I'll send you a few pictures---I had a hard time putting my camera down.  I was in photography heaven. The Tookes, Tucson


To say the trip was incredible is a giant understatement. The weather in Juneau was not great (except for our float plane trip to Taku, fortunately!), but the weather on the cruise was nearly perfect! Only one day of rain really, and it was mostly a cruising day. Sun in Glacier Bay and Endicott Arm, flat calm in Pavlof Harbour and Thomas Bay - amazing glacier views, lots of time on the water toys and many animals to be seen. The kid wrangler made sure the kids had many adventures and we loved every excursion with the guides. The whole staff was terrific but the guides were the best! Thank you for all that you did to make the trip so special, especially our care packages before the trip and when we arrived in our rooms. The bar has been set too high for any future cruises to live up to!  THe Altmans, Chicago


We signed up for another cruise onboard and would probably re-visit Alaska with Un-Cruise!

Regarding Juneau, the Baranoff was just fine. Our rooms were next to each other and looked out to the water. They were certainly basic but very clean and the staff was very eager to assist if needed.  Also liked that “cruise central” was right there in the lobby and Starbucks was a bonus. Their main dining room served an outstanding breakfast menu. I can’t say enough about that! Wonderful fresh fruit, oatmeal and big egg and bacon breakfast. We tried all of it and nothing disappointed.  Friday eve we ate at Hanger on the Wharf and it was fine. The view is the big thing there. Saturday outing to Taku Lodge was lots of fun and great food and sightseeing. Saturday night we ate at Salt. Very cool interior but almost seemed a little too trendy for the area. 


It was rainy and low cloud most of our time in Juneau so we didn’t do the tram. I did like staying right downtown. We visited the new Native museum that opened in the spring ( Walter Soboleff Center). It is very small but gives some history and has a terrific gift shop. The new Alaska State Museum is under construction and opens next year. I was disappointed about that but knew before we went. I would say that overall for us 2 days in Juneau was plenty and we were glad it was at the front end of the trip. 

Sorry it's taken me this long to say it, but thanks for steering us toward UnCruise.

Going in I was a little worried it would be a bad fit for us (just because it's a cruise, no other reason), but we quickly settled into the ship's routine and ended up enjoying it quite a bit. The staff was very friendly and accommodating, and the food was very good. They even made gluten free/vegan muffins for the early risers, and the bar supplied me a steady stream of almond and soy milk lattes and hot chocolates. We went bushwhacking twice, I did yoga nearly every morning, David tried kayaking for the first time and we went out alone a couple of times, and he even did the polar plunge on the last day. We also met some fun people and took some nice photos. The weather was fine, too.

It was hilarious to see the ship in Juneau docked near the other behemoths. I think I would die before I'd board one of them.

At any rate, we're glad we did this and we promised ourselves we wouldn't wait another 13 years before returning to Alaska. It is truly magical. Megan, Ohio


Patty-Logan and I had a great time on our trip. See photo attached, taken after Grizzly Bear trip to Admiralty Island. Logan and I enjoyed meeting the other passengers and crew  on the ship, kayaking, paddle boarding (only Logan did that), Polar Plunge (only Logan did that), hiking and just hanging out. It was a terrific trip. Alaska is beautiful. Logan said when we landed back in Oakland, he felt like it was a dream!


Thank you for all your great suggestions. I only wish we had been able to do dog sledding. We did ziplling in Juneau though! That was fun. And yes, I put a deposit down for another Un-cruise. I have to book it in the next 2 years. I want to take my other grandson next time. I'm not sure where to go yet. Do you do trips to other places? It was so nice working with a professional!  M WIlbur, CA

Dear Patty- I've been meaning to get back to you about the trip. It took awhile getting back to Australia and settled. The whole experience was amazing and I'm so glad that we went when we did [Apr 30]as we were the first boat of the season to arrive places and everyone was so happy to see us.  The weather was fantastic. We loved that we got to see places without other boats there.  The fact that the small boat can take you places that the large ones can't was very special as you experienced a true wilderness adventure.


The staff on the boat were very professional and extremely safety conscious.  They were all so enthusiastic and knowledgable.


The cabins were comfortable and clean.  They were very basic but this was what I was expecting so no surprises there. 


My only disappointment was the food.  I had extremely high expectations and they had a  chef new to un-cruise who I think was just feeling his way.  Having said that, he did make a lot of really delicious things, there were a few things that I didn't feel were up to the standard.  I'm sure given time he will work out what works and what doesn't.


We had a taste of what it would be like middle if the season in Juneau the day of our flight over the glaciers as two large cruise ships came into port and the whole of Juneau changed from a quiet little town to a full on tourist place, not our style at all.  I would hate to be there on a really busy day.  Having said that it was fun being in town on that day as there was a real buzz amongst the locals who were preparing for the onslaught.  Everywhere we went people were commenting that the ships were due any minute.


I really feel it was an advantage going on this cruise before the season really begins and would highly recommend it to anyone who isn't into the tourist thing.


Thanks again for all your help.  I was just wondering what other cruises would you recommend for us that would have the out of the way non touristy feel that we enjoy?  We are always on the look out for the next adventure. The O'Briens Australia

 If there was a low point in the trip I guess Juneau would be it the day we got there some rain clouds were low so couldn’t do much we walk around town, could not ride the tramway because of low ceiling after we got on the boat things went real well.
We throughly enjoyed our experience on the ship and you were spot on with your recommendation as to to level to be on and the cabin of choice. The weather was sunny and beautiful for the first 3 days and after that it was “Alaskan” weather.  All your suggestions for everything was very helpful.  We ended up with spending a few days in Seattle, had we been experienced travelers we would have put that on our agenda right away to save the cost of changing our airline tickets.  All in all a beautiful experience and one we would do again.Thanks for all your help and also for the loving “greeting gift” with all the goodies.
God Bless you in all your future efforts with your business. Thermon and Maribeth, Texas

Patty-My opinion was that it was our best vacation ever. The weather was actually great while we were there. It only rained one day in Juneau, and a couple days on the ship. We had exceptionally nice weather for the area the majority of the trip. The airport assistance was very much appreciated, and worked well throughout the trip. Once to Juneau, the transport service met us, and safely got us to Baranof with a mini city tour... at no additional charge. Our driver Mike gave us a quick lay of the land, so we weren't totally lost. The Baranoff was pretty much as you described. A really nice older hotel. I don't think anybody in our party had any problems with the hotel, or location. For your future clients, I'd recommend the Alaska Brewery tour, the city museum, the state museum and the shrine grounds.


The Friday tour you setup for us was great. Driver Mike asked us where we wanted to go, or follow his suggestions. We went with his, and it was a good choice. He took us to the shrine, the glaciers, and a scenic area tour.


We did have one bad experience, so you're aware. We took the tram up the mountain, and enjoyed the scenery, the movie and the trails. The restaurant was a different story. The service was so bad, we ended up having to speak to the manager. The waitress ignored our table multiple times, messed up orders, and brought out cold food to part of the group. The manager tried to make it right by a 20% discount, but overall still a bad restaurant experience. I'm sure that will be the exception and not the norm, but not for us.


The cruise [Safari Endeavour]... WOW. You cannot overuse the adjectives AWESOME and AMAZING when describing it! I think your guidance to this particular cruise for our group was perfect. There were such a variety of activities that we all could enjoy it regardless of physical ability levels. Food.. outstanding! Service.. Exceptional! Stocked bar.. (my favorite) wonderful! The guides were all friendly, and knowledgeable of the wildlife and plants. We were privy to see killer whales, which we were told is not an every cruise experience. We also got to watch porpoises "race" the ship one evening. Getting to a quarter mile from a glacier face, breathtaking! On our last day, we got to personally meet Dan Blanchard. He spent a fair amount of time with our family to discuss genealogy. Nice man.


One thing that sticks out, is people in Juneau are just so friendly. We didn't meet even one sourpuss. Even the homeless are friendly! We talked to several locals along the way, and all were friendly and loved to talk.


As I've been trying to tell family and friends that have asked about my vacation, you can't put words or pictures to southeastern Alaska, you have to see it!


If we had one thing to do differently, it would have been to cut Juneau one day short, and stayed one full day in Seattle and toured the "hot spots" of that city. But, NO COMPLAINTS! Jim Blanchard- Ohio

Uncruise was beyond fabulous, Taylor was my personal favorite guide. Everyone was attentive and helpful, especially with our parents. Jim and I hope to one day, do another cruise. My friend will be contacting you about a cruise. We hope to stay in touch, again, we thank you and will definitely recommend you. Ruth

Patty-Just got into Juneau after a wonderful week on the Wilderness Explorer. Everything about UnCruise was top notch plus we had great weather and exceptional wildlife sightings. The highlight was staying with a pack of humpbacks for almost an hour and seeing at least 3 bubble feeding eruptions!

Thanks again for your help and recommendations.

Best regards.

Mark and Kathy Edwards


PS: Thanks for the welcome package here at the hotel.

Dear Patty- What a fabulous trip! You put it all together so well- every detail was covered and I loved the app as well as your print out. We LOVED Uncruise, and the 12 day trip from Seattle was fantastic on the Safari Endeavour. Food is unbelievably good. The Denali flightseeing tour and stay at Alyeska was  the icing on the cake. Thank you thank you!

Dear Patty:We want to go back to Alaska.

I am sending friends your name and information about Uncruise. I have had several people ask me for your information. I told them how much of a help you were to us and getting us signed up and organized. You asked if I thought of anything you could've done better No! You spent a lot of time giving us options on many trips. You were always there to answer our questions. You helped with all the details of booking, flights, itinerary, packing list and more. I think the pocket travel is a fabulous idea. It was so easy to use.

Uncruise is a very impressive travel company. I think they do a very good job with the people they hire. The naturalist were extremely well informed. We learned a lot of history about Alaska as well as nature information. They always made the trip fun as well as an adventure.Ethan's only comment was he wanted more time to do more activities. Melissa and Dylan tried every event they could. Melissa was bummed that she could not go snorkeling with her father. I explained to her they did not have that small of a wetsuit. At the end of the trip and the crew told us that the Ryder family didn't have to leave any tips they wanted to keep Melissa instead. Ely, Matt,  Ethan and Melissa did the polar bear swim.

We all enjoyed the food on the ship. Matt of course struck up a conversation with the chef since he is the chef himself. We thought the food was good and of course way too much. The crew would get you anything you wanted. They wanted to know whether we wanted special food like chicken fingers for Melissa because she's a picky eater. We told them no she had to adjust.

We loved getting the video at the end of the trip so we could remember all the wonderful memories. Oh, I forgot to tell you we went  to tracy's crabshack a new building that was inside eating. Kelly helped us change the reservations. It was wonderful crab. Now I will send you a few pictures.

Many thanks for all your help.
Ely, Joanie, Ethan, Matt, Maureen, Dylan, and Melissa

Safari Explorer, Inside passage


What a great experience all around. My husband and I decided Alaska was the perfect destination for our 25th Anniversary. Well, I must say that I was so overwhelmed with all the choices. We had an idea of what we didn’t want, just didn’t know how to sort through and find what would work for us.


Patty, from the moment I contacted you I felt totally at ease. You listened to our likes and dislikes and at the things we did and did not want in a vacation and came up with “Safari Explorerr" Your knowledge and attention to detail made this “One of our Top Trips”. You listen to our needs and gave us many choices around those needs. The Ship rocked, the choice was perfect, from the awesome accommodating crew onboard to the well prepared and delicious meals the ability to explore nature, gorgeous Alaska views and lets not forget relax- ation….friends made and memories that will never be forgotten.


Patty, your help too, in booking our fishing trip for Halibut which we are still enjoying today. (They shipped all of our catch to us without a problem at all). The Amazing helicopter ride to the Glacier trekking adventure was the best, we totally were in awe over it’s massive beauty. Flying over it as well as exploring and being educated by our guide Dylan’s passion was priceless. Scaling the Glacier wall with our pick ax and ice shoes was the perfect end to a perfect vacation.


I would highly recommend everyone to use your services for a pain free ,stress free adventure and I do recommend you to everyone that talks to me about wanting to visit Alaska! Patty thanks again for the most perfect memories that will last a lifetime.


Steve and Sandy, San Jose, CA

Hi Patty, I thought it was the best trip I ever went on- spectacular! I thoroughly enjoyed everything. Lin is a wonderful traveling companion and your services were top notch. I have not used a travel agent in decades since most of my trips are not so fancy, but I will keep you in mind and recommend you highly. As I get older will probably be doing more guided tours.


Some specifics based on what you are asking:

I don’t really need a printed itinerary, or maybe just consolidate it so not so many pages. The flight info is what I like to see printed out.

I did use the app before the trip but not while on it. 

The hotel was fine, but nothing special about the room.All the staff we met everywhere were great, really great, helpful, cheerful, and interested in their job and environment

Juneau was very clean and friendly and just the right size, I loved it

The cruise was magnificent! I am recommending it to all. I may do another UnCruise with Lin someday but it is so expensive

I would be sure to mention to very adventurous travelers who might be seeking a lot of vigorous activities that the activities are not vigoorous and there is quite a bit of downtime. I was very slightly disappointed that there were not more hiking and kayaking opportunities but understand why and was very content to be on the ship comfortable. Staff made sure to fill downtime with interesting talks.

I’m glad I followed your advice and did not bring much winter clothes, it was milder than I thought, but be prepared to be bundled up on deck while the ship is moving. That is where the action is and it gets cold! All your recommendation were spot on.

Thanks again for the enamel pin, we loved the shop so much went back a second time to buy more!

I see why Lin has spoken so highly of you, Thank you thank you thank you for helping to make it the trip of a lifetime. More to come!


Thank you SOOO much for helping plan our Alaska trip!

And what a surprise, the unique gifts we found from you upon arrival. What a nice touch, so thoughtful, and it meant a lot!

With your knowledge, hard work + dedication to meet our desired activities, the vacation for 10 was awesome! Everything was fun, the sights were beautiful + the activities were exciting! This trip was incredible + when asked how I'd describe it, I said "Mind-blowing!".

Thanks again for making my personal experience stunning + helping dreams come true; it was an adventure of a lifetime! Mary Alice Blanchard

Patty -The Alaska Dream was a truly wonderful experience!  Thank you so very much for guiding us to this journey and making it so very easy!  Thanks!!

Carol, Long Island


Beautiful!! You are too much! Thank you - I will ALWAYS check with you first before I book any new trip!


Hi Patty-The {Alaskan Dream Cruise} trip could not have gone better (in my opinion) - even the weather cooperated with unseasonably warm and sunny days for the first 6 days of the cruise in May! Here are the photos.  Bob, Seattle 


Patty-I would rank this trip as one of my "top 2" ever.  I especially appreciated the cultural learning about the 3 different native groups along the Inside Passage, the kindness and competence of the crew, and the balance of support and freedom for our exploring/learning. 

Each meal was beautiful, healthy in portion, and reflective of the bounty of Alaska.  The crew knew our names and even remembered that I used almond milk in my coffee.  Our widdle cabin was small but perfectly functional.  How many times

did we see a huge cruise ship and think, there but for the grace of the goddess, goes I...? One time I raised my shade and there was a humpback diving not 4 feet away.  I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to take a small boat for this journey.  I'd also recommend the direction we traveled, as the views grew more spectacular as we went north. Simon's surprise of a photo 

slide show/take-along disc document all that we saw, despite my little crummy camera and fumbling photo-taking. 


Patty, you helped every detail fall into place beautifully, from the flights to the accommodations to the packing list (I loved having an insulated travel mug!). Now that I've seen the beauty of the region, I can see why you love to share it. The gifties that you sent us were icing on the cake.  I've already recommended you to two sets of friends, who may not travel this year but next year or the

next.  Our local friends are probably tired already of our raving about the trip and

our "travel professional>"   The Linns, Seattle

 I apologize for taking so long to give you feedback. I had to ease into being home and then got sick! Too much time spent on the bow of the boat looking at orcas, humpback whales, seals, sea lions, bears, eagles, and mountain goats!!!  Too quote my brother, "the trip was AMAZING!!!!!"  So, to be factual and straightforward:  the travel arrangements, in regards to airfair and hotels, were close to perfect. the flights were on time, we sat together, there was no need to hurry between flights, etc.  The Taku Lodge Adventure after the cruise was fun.  Unfortunately for the lodge, we had just come from a seven day cruise with really good food, but I would recommend the sea plane/lunch day trip.  Thank you for the recommendation!


Okay-the cruise.  There were no problems what-so-ever with the cabin.  We've traveled together before and this was no different.  I liked the cabin we had because I could look directly out the window at the ocean/icebergs/etc.  The beds were comfortable and we had room enough for two large suitcases under the double bed.  The bathroom was the same-it's just like an RV bathroom :)  No problems :)


The food was AMAZING!!  The chef is such a humble and shy young man.  My brother and I hung out at the back of the boat because we're smokers and this was where the crew typically went up and down between decks, so we got to chit chat with them once in awhile. We had freshly baked cookies at 3pm every afternoon, followed by cocktail hour, followed by dinner withe desert. Phew!


The crew-can't say enough about the crew.  Even the captain said this was the  best crew he had worked with in a number of years.  Always laughing, willing to answer questions, high energy, just really good people.  Quite a few of the crew and passengers were teary eyed the last night of the trip


What else?  Oh, no rain other than an afternoon or two of intermittent drizzle. I would highly recommend a cruise with this company with the qualifier that each trip is unique.  Well, I could go on and on, but I won't. Thank you very much for arranging this trip.  I have, and will continue to, recommend your services. Wendy H, Michigan


ms Amsterdam- Alaska (Holland America)

Hi Patty, 
Ted and I are waiting at SEA for our flight back to 92 degrees in Davis, our home! We so enjoyed our trip and cruise. Thank you for all your guidance and help in setting up our adventure. We return tired, loaded with photos and a growing amazement at the beautiful Alaska. We loved Sitka. We both said, if we should return, we will just fly directly to Sitka.
Also loved the veranda stateroom and so glad you recommended it. The trip would have been entirely different if we had the original one I booked.  
More later but just wanted to Thank you and let you know we are almost home safe, well and loaded with great memories of ALASKA

Amawaterways Cruise-France

Patty: As we have spoken, Cathy and I must tell you that everything you helped us plan for this trip (week in Paris plus river cruise) was flawless!  You listened carefully to what we wanted this special trip to include and then executed our needs seemingly effortlessly.   to the extent you are seeking to provide hands-on, high end concierge travel and service, then you have hit the sweet spot!  Well done!  We are already formulating thoughts for our next trip through you. 

Sincere thanks,  John and Cathy Schwab, Chapel Hill, NC  (who are now booked with 4 other couples for a Danube cruise with AmaWaterways again)



Pride of America-HawaiiI just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! for all you did to make our trip a fabulous one.  Your guidance and help with the cruise was great!  The cruise was wonderful! The food was really delicious.  I'm so glad we did the dining package!  It was so delightful.  The choices were so good.  We enjoyed each night so much!  


We bought wine before we boarded, so we had our bottles to use at our discretion.  They uncorked them for us at the restaurant, or we had a glass of wine in our room/balcony.  (The balcony was just awesome!)  Our trip was a little changed because of the pending hurricane, but that proved to go the opposite way.  But because of it, we cruised past the Na' Pali Coast on Sunday. It was so beautiful!  


I highly recommend Josh at Mauka Makai Adventures.  We ended up having him for the whole day trip and the next day was a half one.  He is a native, speaks the language, was a delightful man.  We had such a good time with him.  He was thoughtful, kind, attentive, fun, etc.


Thank you so much!   Maryagnes Van Klaveren      (I've been singing your praises to people!)



I have traveled all over the world and mostly plan my own travel. I wish I'd had you; seriously, you go way above and beyond any trip coordinator I have ever dealt with so PATTY yourself on the back! You get a A++++ for thoroughness, responsiveness, and clarity! HW, Foster City CA


Wow, you are AMAZING as this detailed itinerary is fantastic. Thanks , hope all is well, and I nominate you for best trip coordinator in the universe( not just Alaska) and feel fortunate to have found you. Regards, Hal

We loved the Un-cruise, & as a “little eagle” told you, we did put a deposit down for a future cruise. Do you know anyone who has done their Costa Rica/Panama trip?


Great food, wonderful service (the crew on the Safari Explorer was exceptional), terrific itinerary with great wildlife sightings and hikes, skiff rides, etc. We were lucky to see humpbacks, a pod of Orcas, tons of eagles, otters, Dall porpoise, sea lions, & harbor seals!


Our cabin (B8) was very good, perfect position on the ship. We found it just a tad small, as our luggage took up a lot of floor space.  

The Taku  Lodge Glacier flight seeing over the glaciers was wonderful! Incredible experience! The food at the lodge was ok, not great. The salmon was very good but the other items were just so-so.


Many thanks for your help in planning this. As we said over & over, there aren’t enough superlatives to describe Alaska! Terry, New Jersey

Hi Patty-I had an ABSOLUTE blast! Galapagos is such a unique experience.  Of course you have to LOVE adventure , nature, wildlife and water.  If one doesn’t , not the trip for you.


We had full boat with mix of families ( some multi-generations) couples and single travelers.  All went smoothly.  Lindblad has it well organized and is well oiled machine.  It was great having everything all arranged.  I just had to “show up”.  The staff on boat were FABULOUS - friendly, helpful, available and accommodating.  I appreciated a doctor on board.  I sprained my finger - no big issue but was glad to have it looked at.  Others had some bigger issues and they were treated quickly, preventing any complications.  


The expedition leader was OUTSTANDING .  She was very well organized and made activities go smoothly.  The Hotel manager was always checking ship was in good shape.  Good communication from both was appreciated.  


Naturalist had different levels of experience . All good, some much better.  There was an big issue with a guide.  Glad I wasn’t on that deep water snorkel with him.
I am so HAPPY I called you.  Using a travel agent made all the arrangements go smoothly.  It was nice you were a point of contact.  Yes, will contact again and highly recommend to others.  


Patty, THANKS so much for all you assistance.  You made it easy to travel. Rem, Tucson  Peace, love and laughter - Remy 


Hi Patty- I just need to congratulate you on your ethics and long hours of unpaid work during Covid. You don't let on but we know you spent a lot of time getting our refund back and a voucher for our insurance for a future trip as well as air credit. My friend's advisor charged cancellation fees and they got a future credit instead of a refund. You can be sure when it's safe to travel again we will come back to you. Thank you-  Jan Bennett


I am SO glad I found you! After contacting several agents who either didn't reply or very delayed, you responded immediately AND you really know your stuff! Your experience on the different lines, knowledge of the cabins and Alaska, etc. was so helpful for this picky traveler. The articles on your website were so helpful as well. I didn't realize that Denali was so far from the cruises, and will happily do that in a separate trip. Since we also have a river cruise on the Danube on our list, we have found the right travel professional. Janet

Patty- the app is AWESOME!  Thanks for all your work in putting it together. I was wondering how I was ever going to get this trip organized. Your presentation is wonderful- Eileen

Juneau Bear-Viewing

After a weather cancellation on Saturday we made it today. Saw 7 brown bears and a mink up real close, numerous bald eagles. On flight back saw a humpback whale and that fantastic Alaskan scenery. Sipping a hazelnut stout awaiting our Uncruise embarkation. Does it get any better? Thanks for your help! Fawcetts, MI

Knik River Lodge

Knik River Lodge was great and so was the Salmonberry tour.  Would highly recommend both and loved Knik so much am planning to take my husband there someday.


Thank you for your help in planning an epic trip and we will definitely share your name with friends. THe Lankens, Rye NY


Great trip highlighted (for me at least) by the Denali flight on a spectacular day - smooth. clear - great pilot. 

The 3 days in Girdwood were good - overcast and showery but no real rain - didn't stop us from doing anything.  Liked all 3 cruises in Seward and Prince William Sound. Alyeska Hotel was very nice - had a nice dinner at Seven Glaciers - also lunch up top on the last day there.  You were right about Anchorage hotels - the two were average at best - Lakeshore compounded but having the furthest room from the lobby.

Everything worked smoothly - we were met as planned - all the people, customer service etc. were great.

Enjoyed working with you - you made it easy.  One comment on your itinerary e-mail (which I loved and referred to often) - on the first page - two (if necessary) - put all the particulars - date, place, confirm numbers, meeting points etc. - then expand and show all pictures and details of the trip - basically put everything I need in one place on the first page so you don't have to scroll through to find a confirm number etc.  A small point to be sure but also a small change for you to consider. 
Thank you - would recommend you wholeheartedly. John Gosselink, Cedar Grove NJ



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