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Alaska Small Ship Cruises-Casual and Luxury Adventure

I am passionate about these Alaska small ship cruises for avoiding the crowds and really experiencing Alaska up-close. Now's the time to book your small ship cruise for next summer; some itineraries and cabins sell out a year or more in advance. Call/email me for brochure or info today.

Not for everyone (see article below), but the people who do go absolutely LOVE it! 

Forget the dress-up clothes and the crowds. Alaska small ship cruises appeal to those who want a casual, soft adventure (as opposed to rugged backpacking) with gourmet cuisine (can you say Alaska King Crab and Alaska Salmon-yum! Of course all kinds of diets are accommodated), comfortable beds, and an immersive educational experience enhanced by Naturalists and Expedition Leaders. Would you rather spend a day at eye-level with a glacier, or on a carousel on a ship carrying thousands of passengers? Would you like to explore Alaska Inside Passage with small groups of like-minded people, or wait in lines?









Is Small-Ship Cruising for YOU?


The ideal candidates for small ships are:

Are intensely interested in the destination; they want to experience it, not just see it from 13 stories up. They want to kayak up to a glacier; hike in the rainforest, hear the whales right next to the vessel, or watch the magnificent scenery relaxing in the hot tub! When the captain spots a pod of whales, or bears onshore, he will linger there. Most vessels carry kayaks and skiffs for even more immersive explorations. I’ll never forget kayaking with a harbor seal within touching distance- those eyes!  


Read the rest of my column here....


Ok, let's do it...

Please contact me me to get started with: desired date, # of people traveling, and what you had in mind (if you know)- the more details, the better.


There are a few companies that offer the casual Alaska small ship cruises, and each is quite different, though their websites make them sound almost the same. My job is to help you narrow down the choices based on what YOU are looking for from your vacation. 

The main ones I use for excellent service and customer satisfaction are: (#guests 20-100)

  • Uncruise Adventure

  • Hurtigruten Expeditions

  • Lindblad/National Geographic 

  • American Queen Voyages

The following are more luxurious in terms of amenities and accommodations; ships are larger: 200-1000 guests and vary as far as all-inclusive: (click here for more info). I book many of these cruises up to 2 years in advance as the luxury ship pricing is lowest when published, and INCREASES each quarter. Luxury cruising is surprisingly affordable and popular with people who originally would not consider a luxury cruise.

  • Silversea Cruises

  • Regent Seven Seas Cruises 

  • Seabourn & more


I would be happy to discuss the options with you, to match you with the right itinerary, ship, and price. I know I've mentioned it before, but if you plan to go, please book early!  The first cabins to go are the least  and the most expensive. If you're planning to travel with family or group of friends, it's even more important to plan ahead!


Have more time? I can also help with pre-and post-cruise travel options such as:

  • Small group guided hiking journeys with stays at lodges from the Kenai to Denali

  •  Flightseeing,  deluxe lodge stays

  • Highly recommended before your small ship cruise- A couple of nights in Juneau (Helicopter Glacier dog sledding, river rafting, zip lining, fishing and much more) or Sitka, or fly to Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula

  • Many more options!


May is my favorite time to visit Alaska (see this article I wrote about when to visit Alaska). I  sailed on the ss Legacy in July  and LOVE this ship (86 guests). She is a replica steamship from the gold rush days. The decor is Victorian, cabins are larger  than on the other expedition ships, nice public areas.









Alaska cruise & tour specialists
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