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Expedition Cruises world-wide


There has been a huge surge in interest in small ship expedition cruises. People want to truly experience and learn about the natural world close up. How about walking among penguins in Antarctica? Or oberving Polar Bears in the Arctic? Strolling the beaches in the Galapagos Islands? And of course, kayaking the Inside Passage of Alaska or the fjords of Norway...the world awaits.


There are many excellent companies that I work with to implement a well-planned itinerary for you. Depending on the destination and your style of travel (from rustic to uber-luxurious, and in-between), we can craft a trip of a lifetime.


The only "problem" is that once people go on one of these trips, they're hooked and want to go again, so you might have several "once" in a lifetime dreams come true!


How does it get better than traveling with like-minded passengers and National Geographic writers, scientists, photographers, and lecturers in search of stunning beauty, immersive local culture, amazing wildlife, and so much more- all in a sustainable style?


Tell me what you have in mind and we'll get started planning your adventure. Singles, couples, and families welcome!



Alaska cruise & tour specialists
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