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There just aren't enough superlatives in the dictionary to describe the sights and experiences available in the Great Land. Because Alaska is so large, a well-crafted itinerary to suit your needs is essential. If you've come to my page, most likely you are considering a small ship cruise in the Inside Passage and maybe some add-ons. I have some great ideas for you!


You may not know that besides cruises, I have been to many nooks and crannies of Alaska with a special interest in the Iditarod. So if you want a special winter trip with dog sled rides and spectacular northern Lights, I've got your number!

My clients' most popular option is a 7 day small ship cruise of the Inside Passage, starting with 2-3 days in Juneau and a day or two in Sitka (for itineraries that begin or end there). Combined with flights from home, this makes for an immersive, exceptional trip in less than 2 weeks.

Some choose to also add Anchorage, the Kenai Peninsula, Denali, and beyond if they have more time. There are pros and cons to this- ask me.


Click here  to get started planning your dream trip to Alaska, whether it's by ship or land, custom tour, or a combination of all of the above. I've been an Alaska travel specialist since the 1980's and look forward to working with you to make sure YOUR trip is everything you expected, and more!


Covid Note: if you're thinking of a small ship for 2021, let's go ahead and plan it even though we do not know all of the rules yet. If nothing else, I have become expert at cancelling and rebooking. Policies are more flexible now, and some cruise lines have very low deposits. When they finally start up, there will be tremendous pent-up demand, so you will have the space. 

If you prefer to be more cautious and wait, we can book you for 2022 and beyond. Because of all of the cancellations and rebookings, AND the higher demand now for smaller ships, you might be surprised to find limited availability, so let's get started!



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